For a long long time I was only into wearing diapers and the age regression and baby stuff not so much even though I always crave attention and affection in the slightest way. 

I felt that way for a very long time even though I was partially already into and interested in the idea behind it mainly from coming across other pictures and videos of others being babied which was an absolute turn on in a kinky sort of way in my mind.

The majority of the time when I am in baby mode it's not sexual I just want to relax, not care, have fun, and destress from daily adulting and honestly I didn't even have a Onesie until I had a girl friend who is also a gamer friend of mine send me one.

We talked a lot mainly while gaming and having fun and became very close telling each other a lot about ourselves to the point I eventually felt comfortable enough to tell her I was ABDL. She didn't judge me for it and thought it was odd yet interesting.< ... Read more »

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A lot of people are different despite how we share similar interests but, at the same time being ABDL stems from a long list of reasons as to why each and every one of us became or eventually got into being ABDL in the first place.

I believe I grew into being and loving the ABDL Lifestyle because my childhood really sucked to be blunt.

I was the oldest of 4 with 2 sisters and a younger brother. My mom named me some off the wall bible name that I later got teased for all through elementary, middle, and high schooling.

I got picked on a lot and every time my mom would tell me I could talk to her about things she always made it out to be my fault somehow in the end. She swears up and down today that she never yelled at me when I was a kid but that's a flat out lie and I remember it to the T.

I was always expected to be the bigger brother and I was forced by my parents to potty train at a super early age to get me out of diapers faster even though the ... Read more »

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So I'm definitely an Adult Baby (AB) and while I am part Diaper Lover (DL) I am more into being a baby by far.

Sometimes though, it drives me insane as much as I love it because I crave motherly affection to the point of no return like when you are literally experience that thing you want such as a new movie you really wanna go see but can't. 

Well yeah, so I pretty much go through the same thing quite often. It's pretty much a constant war inside my head driving me to the brink of insanity so no wonder I can't ever make up my mind with a lot of things.

Oh well, it's just something I have to take baby steps on and deal with it the best I can since often it makes me moody or worse where I end up disappearing for days due to severe depression.

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So I made a Wet & Messy diaper vid not too long ago but the file size is very large and I have yet to upload it here and for that reason I've decided to posted 15 never before posted anywhere else yet. 

Here's a couple to start you off on this post and the rest you can find in my photo area.

... Read more »

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So I'm planning on keeping the majority of this site permanently free mainly for community and fun purposes!

Why join? What's the catch? There is none!

You'll actually be helping my site if anything because the more people that join my site means the more space I get for pictures and videos to upload for you and you to upload as well otherwise i'll have no choice but to limit it some til more becomes available.

There's a usage space counter on my back end in the cms panel that is slowly counting up and the more members we have the faster and faster it counts to give more storage space for hosting some great stuff here! 

So join now! It's free! No need to wait or delay any longer! :D

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Hey All, 

I know when you first visit my site there might be some annoying pop-up ADS being displayed but I want to reassure you that it's not me doing that! It's the web host I'm using because this is a free unpaid site so yeah they show some ads but I don't think it's too bad compared to other hosts out there.

I can't really afford to get a paid site so you'll just have to make due for now until I can or you could always pitch in so I can if you want but not necessary and I am definitely not going to beg about that either. 

So anyhow, I did find two ways to get around that problem. One is just sign up and log in and they'll go away! Two is just use an ADblocker, that seems to stop it too which is really useful if you stay logged into my site!

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Hey All!

KJayy here, I've added several of my photos and just wanted to let you know about that but, also to welcome and invite you to join in and share some of yours too! All I ask is that you keep it somewhat decent and cute so come on down and check it out! :)

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So I've realized I wasn't too happy with how my personal TDL Site turned out before and as a result this greatly affected my desire to even bother much to post stuff so I have made the decision to play around with some restyling using my current knowledge and web design skills to create something more fun and exciting than what I had originally started on. I believe that this will help keep me happy with it to the point that I will then be able to post more stuff more often which is what should've happened in the first place!

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Just figured I would take a brief moment to let everyone know the site's still alive. I just haven't posted much since I have been rather busy with work and other things that I have been occupied with. I'll post more stuff and updates as best I can when I can. :)

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I'd like to expand and get our gallery going but I'll need some help so start sharing those pictures with us!
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