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Only if it is somewhat decent or of mild viewing exposure within reason.

You are not allowed to post nudes (unless censored) before posting and do not post anything grotesque such as seeing what's in your diapers (scat and pee everywhere) or anything else that is offensive to others in any way.

There are plenty other sites that allow that so go there to post that stuff and not here because nobody including myself wants to see that anyway except if it's obvious you had a wet and messy diaper on and such as an example which would be okay aside from that. 

If I catch you doing this I will be forced to remove your posts and ban you from my website immediately.

This web host does not currently allow adult content as of right now so doing this will cause my site to get shut down and I refuse to let that happen! If I end up moving my site in the future then I might reconsider to some extent but not right now.

Of Course! I'm a little and we love affection and being spoiled rotten! ;P

If you wish to send me something such as toys, diapers, stuffies, and other abdl related stuff just message me here or on one of my social channels and i'll tell you where to send it so long as I feel I can trust you enough though I may want to get to know you for a little bit first to be sure. Otherwise, if you give me that "creepy" vibe feeling then at that point definitely not.

However, my site is open to have some fun with so it's not required unless you really want to and for that I'd be grateful.

Honestly, I don't really consider myself model material but depending on your offer I'd suggest that you contact me and let me know all of the details and I will respond to let you know if I am interested or not. 

In short though yes, I do enjoy modeling and showing off my abdl lifestyle though. ;D

I don't really consider myself modeling material but I certainly am up for it and new ideas if you want to suggest something or have an offer that may be of interest to me but, it must be related to my abdl lifestyle in some way.

Additionally, please note that I will not do anything outside of abdl stuff such as other fetishes which I have no interest in doing.

If you're not sure just contact and ask me first.

Of Course!

I'm not like most other people out there. I am always fair and respectful to those around me that support me and my lifestyle.

However, be advised that I do work a day job a lot and other things in real life since I do not always spend every waking hour as a little so sometimes my responses may get few and far between but rest assured I will respond to you as soon as I can depending on how many people I am already talking to if any.

Also, if I feel you are giving me that "creepy" or "rude" vibe then at that point no I would no longer want to talk to you if you are going to be that way.

Nope, no catches! In case you're wondering yes this website is 100% Free to sign up with and use the majority of it! :)

I have no plans to ever charge for any of it currently other than considering maybe making a separate one-time membership-like page restricting access to viewing some of the best photo's I have for a very small price but that's still very iffy.

I do have a donation button and I do accept gifts and such if you want to contact to send me anything but it's not required.

I'm always open to new questions, suggestions, and reports of problems so let's hear it! Go ahead and contact me and we'll discuss it from there! :)

Absolutely as long as it is not indecent, containing nudity (unless censored), or severely offensive since doing so would cause me to remove it otherwise this site could get shut down since my web host does not currently allow it.

Other than that, feel free to do so but I must approve it first before you'll see it appear.