The Diapered Life is me and I am The Diapered Life. My name is KJayy or at least that's what you can call me for my "little" name since I am an ageplayer and have been into the abdl lifestyle for a very long time now, roughly a decade and a half to be truthful. 
What got me into this ABDL Lifestyle?
It all started back when a was very small. I think at the time I was roughly around the age of 5 maybe 6 though I could be off a little bit maybe somewhat younger. Anyways, what I clearly remember was being babysat a lot up until one day when I recall having some sort of question so I went into the one of the rooms in our house at the time to ask my babysitter something and I walked on our her changing my younger sister's diaper. I was very intrigued and forgot my question and continued to watch her diaper my baby sister. I was already out of diapers then but, the next thing I knew I guess my babysitter picked up on the expression on my face because she then asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper for the day. At first I was dumbfounded and embarrassed but she said oh come on it'll be fun and before I knew it she had my pants down with me laying on the bed while she was lifting up my legs and putting a diaper on me and it was fantastic! I fell in love with it and the affection and comfort and then forgot about it for awhile.
A couple years went by til around age 7 or 8 we'd just move to germany because I grew up as a military brat with my dad being in the army and then I recall walking home from school one day dreading going home and doing homework and there it was! A plastic clean baby diaper laying in the road as I crossed it and I felt a spark of excitement in my mind as if it was placed there just for me! I immediately looked and saw nobody was around so I picked it up and put it into my backpack quickly and took it home! For a two to three days I looked at it each day up until I finally decided to try it on since nobody was home! I loved it and at that point I knew I loved wearing diapers and since then I have continued to wear them and I just love the comforting feeling I get from being in a diaper! There's more to the story beyond that but, you get the idea now and i'll save that for some fun blogs, news articles, and stuff! :)
               I like to think of TDL as more than that even though it is me and my life style and I am warmingly welcoming others to join me here who share similarities. :) The Diapered Life Community was originally known as "AByHeaven" in honor of everyone who wears or likes Diapers. It was founded by me several years ago back in 1995 via an AOL Account Homepage that was created as a way to connect myself and others show to the world that there are indeed others out there who wear diapers that nobody is alone. After about a Month of being live the site had some odd hundred thousand hits on the counter and it was a huge success for a few years until 2001 when the plug was pulled on the Owner's Account because at the time I was a kid living with my birth mom and she decided that she no longer wanted us to have internet for awhile and that was the end of the site though the dream and fetish live on as it does today. 
A few times it was supposed to be reborn but it never lasted due to a previous unstable life I had for a long time but, now several years later it's found this new home with a much more powerful cms engine to provide a deeper, more enriched, and live community host boasting several powerful tools to bring it back to life and show the world that people in diapers that you don't ever have to be afraid of who you are nor even or embarrassed anymore. 
I've since changed the name from AByHeaven to The Diapered Life because Diapers aren't just for Incontinent People, ABy's, DL's, Etc,. They are for everyone anyone and everyone who would needs them, has to wear them, has a fetish for them, those that would like to try them, experiment, have fun and even do something daring, exciting, different, and new!
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