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Updated a few things and made some corrections -

- Uploaded 8 new videos (more to come...and some of which you may have seen already...)
- Added 2 catagories for the eClassifieds Section (personals and stuff 4 sale)
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So yea it's been a month not much going on other then me being busy and working but i'll slowly be adding things as best I can to make the site better and more attractive.

What i'm aiming for is to make this a fun socialable place with a collection of fun things. I'm not looking to steal anyones work, pictures, or videos however I would like to bring together everything here if possible so worst case scenario I'll ask for the owners permission before posting where available. 

If i've posted something that belongs to you that you are upset about please let me know and I will remove it immediately provided you can prove it's your own content and if it is then I will respect your wishes.
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Fixed a few things and added a few things:

- Added 3 Diaper Girl Videos (add your own videos or pictures if you want)
- Forums are now Ready (if you think of a forum i'm missing that you want added let me know)

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Please feel free to Sign-up, it's absolutely free of charge to join and take part!

You are more then welcome to post pictures, blogs, videos, threads, make friends, play some games and compete, read up on things and more! However, please do not post anything that would be considered porn unless you've done something to censor it as that will be removed and your account will be banned because of this. The reason for this is to keep our site clean and friendly-oriented. We have no intentions of allowing things that would demoralize others here. 
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Hey Everybody...

 " The Diapered Life "

I have created this Website as a start to become a Community of bringing together people who are in Diapers whether it be Incontinent, Being Diapered, or even Enjoying Diapers.

Many of us are shy, some are not, either way though there is no reason to hide anymore as there are thousands upon thousands of others out there just like you, I am one of them among many.

I have the majority of the look and feel of this site set up except for a few small twe ... Read more »
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