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I am an ABDL for a few reasons..

A lot of people are different despite how we share similar interests but, at the same time being ABDL stems from a long list of reasons as to why each and every one of us became or eventually got into being ABDL in the first place.

I believe I grew into being and loving the ABDL Lifestyle because my childhood really sucked to be blunt.

I was the oldest of 4 with 2 sisters and a younger brother. My mom named me some off the wall bible name that I later got teased for all through elementary, middle, and high schooling.

I got picked on a lot and every time my mom would tell me I could talk to her about things she always made it out to be my fault somehow in the end. She swears up and down today that she never yelled at me when I was a kid but that's a flat out lie and I remember it to the T.

I was always expected to be the bigger brother and I was forced by my parents to potty train at a super early age to get me out of diapers faster even though the rest of my siblings at the time were allowed to wear them much longer according to what I've seen over the years in their baby years compared to mine.

I think my mom did the best she could and while I love her I think she damaged me just as much because I can't make a good decision to save my life because of how she always made me feel growing up like everything I had ever done or hoped for was abnormal or a pipe dream such as when I wanted to play guitar and turn it into a career even if I was going to be a guitar teacher per say though I wanted to be in a band and go on tours and such.

We never see eye to eye either still to this day though I try to take the higher road but yet she still continues to do it to me so I tend to ignore her a lot unfortunately even though she did give me a lot of good morals at least but the rest of it is pretty questionable. I recall when I got into the diaper fetish I never told her for a long time and then one day I got brave enough to try to talk to her about it when I was a kid in hopes that she might understand me and no even that was wrong and I got sent to a shrink.

Am I blaming my mom for everything not exactly even though it may sound like it, I know i was pretty troublesome and could have helped out more and such but at the same time she kinda pushed me to the point of self destructing one in the same. Oh well..

So yeah, my life's definitely a huge mess, no wonder I prefer being ABDL to escape everything.....


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