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Wot I think about the NEW LittleforBig Sleepytime Onesie

For a long long time I was only into wearing diapers and the age regression and baby stuff not so much even though I always crave attention and affection in the slightest way. 

I felt that way for a very long time even though I was partially already into and interested in the idea behind it mainly from coming across other pictures and videos of others being babied which was an absolute turn on in a kinky sort of way in my mind.

The majority of the time when I am in baby mode it's not sexual I just want to relax, not care, have fun, and destress from daily adulting and honestly I didn't even have a Onesie until I had a girl friend who is also a gamer friend of mine send me one.

We talked a lot mainly while gaming and having fun and became very close telling each other a lot about ourselves to the point I eventually felt comfortable enough to tell her I was ABDL. She didn't judge me for it and thought it was odd yet interesting.

I told her I was getting closer each day to getting one on my own but she thought it was interesting enough that she said wanted to see what I would look like as a complete baby and that was how I got my first LittleforBig Onesie!

When it arrived in the mail I was so excited (of course I thanked her!) that she sent me the LittleforBig Giraffe and Zoo Animals Adult Baby Onesie! I admit I felt a little awkward looking at it at first but when I ran home and tried it on I absolutely loved it on me!

That Onesie is the same onesie you've been seeing in most of my pictures for quite awhile now and I feel like it makes them look a lot more babyish to suit the mood. It adds to the ageplay feeling not to mention it feels extremely well fitted, soft and comfortable!

I am a huge sucker for soft stuff, always have, always will! At that point I decided I definitely wanted to get a second one for variety so that my pictures wouldn't always be the same and I could have two to switch between though this took awhile.

I wanted to get one sooner but it took awhile because I lost my job and was out of work for a very long time until a few months ago when I found a new one so then a few days ago I went ahead and ordered the LittleforBig SleepyTime Adult Baby Onesie!

At first I thought it would take a longer like the first one but this one arrived extremely fast since I ordered it on Amazon I guess and when it arrived yesterday I was super happy! This was a newer one that ordered and truthfully I really love even more!

I wanted to put it on right away but, couldn't because family was at the house visiting and also because I prefer natural day light where possible to provide better more uniquely lit pictures since I'm rather picky on photos I post.

This morning I was able to try it on finally and I am so in love with this new one. It is just as soft as the first one but this one fits much more snug around my body to the point that I feel comforted.

It felt a little tight at first but, after moving around in it I could tell it was just because of the new fabric and was stretching some to conform to my body better. It was tight but not too tight and felt just right almost like someone was holding me closely.

I love the colors involved with the blue, yellow, and white (Blue is my favorite color in case you haven't noticed yet) ! The moon, clouds, stars, dots, and z's all at a very cozy baby sleeping time overall feel which is fantastic.

I really like that it snaps at the crotch as well as going up my body. The other one doesn't do that but I like that this one has it for some notable differences. The snaps seem to stick a little bit almost where I feel like I may tear the fabric but it didn't, thank god!

Hopefully, after wearing it a bit like the other one it'll loosen up some I think including the snaps becoming more workable but all in all this is my absolute favorite Onesie compared to the other one but i'll still use both because I adore both my LittleforBig Onesies!

Overall I am very impressed with the quality involved in LittleforBig to the point I had to write about it to tell everyone today! They feel very comfortable and make me feel like an adorable adult baby which is just the feeling I am seeking! Yep, I so want a third!

PS - I cannot wait to try the NEW LfB Diapers too! You can send me some if you want via my wishlist! ;)



~ KJayy



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